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Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration can be a significant overhead cost for a business that depends on cold storage. From purchase to installation and from maintenance to on-going energy expenses, commercial refrigeration certainly does not come cheap.
Whether you are looking to buy refrigeration equipment for your new business or you want to replace old units, a lot goes into selecting cold storage solutions that deliver value.
The following are important factors to consider when you are in the market for commercial refrigeration equipment.
Cooling Needs 
Prioritize efficiency when buying refrigeration equipment. This means investing in cold storage solutions that are in line with the cooling needs in your facility.
Alongside your equipment contractor, assess your plant's cooling loads. The two types of loads include product loads and parasitic loads. Product loads are your facility's primary cooling needs.
Parasitic loads, on the other hand, are processes that are unrelated to your core business but have an effect on the facility's cooling system. Examples include heat generated by equipment such as motors and light bulbs.
Understanding your cooling needs will help you to select equipment that will keep your products adequately cool while minimizing indirect energy losses.
Cost of Ownership 
Commercial cooling units are a major investment for any business. Minimizing the upfront costs of purchasing such equipment is a noble goal. However, pay more attention to the actual cost of operating and maintaining your refrigeration equipment. This is known as the cost of ownership.
As you compare the various cooling units, bear in mind indirect costs such as:
You might pay more for a professional to set up your facility's cooling system than if an in-house worker did the job. However, professional installation can minimize the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs down the road.
Consider the daily maintenance requirements before purchasing a refrigeration unit. Most cooling units have more or less the same basic maintenance requirements. However, tasks such as cleaning, monitoring temperatures, and checking parts for wear might be easier to perform on some units.
Refrigeration equipment requires periodic servicing, but the cost of service calls can add up quickly and affect your bottom line.
The rate at which your refrigeration equipment will require servicing will depend on factors such as use and durability. Opt for robust equipment that can withstand the rigors of commercial cooling, even if this means paying a little more.
The savings you make on cheap equipment might end up costing you in the long-term on maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.
Energy Efficiency
Energy costs take up a large part of a business's operating expenses. Fortunately, you can find opportunities to improve energy efficiency in your facility with the decisions you make when buying refrigeration equipment.
Consider refrigeration units with glass doors. Compared to open display units, enclosed refrigeration units can reduce energy use by up to 68%. Additionally, chest freezers let out less cold air and are comparably more efficient than upright freezers.
Pay attention to the type of insulation in a refrigeration unit. The R-value of a cooling unit indicates the quality of insulation. A higher R-value means that the insulation is able to keep ambient heat away from the refrigerator, therefore ensuring optimal performance of the cooling unit.
The sticker price of a refrigeration unit is certainly an important consideration. However, as you budget for your facility's refrigeration equipment, prioritize your cooling needs and the overall cost of operating this equipment, which also includes energy expenses.
At A M Refrigeration, we understand that cooling is a significant investment for your business. We can help you select high-quality equipment that will meet the cold storage needs in your facility. Call us today for new and used refrigeration equipment in El Paso, TX.