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Cleaning and Maintenance Timeline for Your Commercial Refrigerator

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A commercial refrigerator is a major investment in your business. Proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial to its overall life. The following are some helpful tips to clean and maintain your unit properly.

Twice Annual Condenser Coil Cleaning

Over time, debris and dust builds up on the condenser coils of a commercial refrigeration unit. For this reason, cleaning the coils regularly is vitally important to the health of your machine, particularly if you locate the refrigerator outdoors.
To clean the coils, use a wet cloth and an industrial vacuum. Use the vacuum to remove the loose debris from the coils. An industrial vacuum can also reverse and blow away debris as well. This action helps to remove any debris stuck in smaller spaces and places you cannot reach. Wipe away any excess with the wet cloth.

Twice Annual Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Over time, evaporator coils will build up sediment. For best results, clean the evaporator coils twice a year. You may need a specialized solution designed to clean the coils and tubes. The first step is to remove the pan of the evaporator coil and clean it well with the special solution. Refer to the specific instructions on the cleaner you choose.
Once you clean the evaporator coils, remember to place the evaporator pan back into place.

Twice Annual Drain Line Clearing

Another way to keep your commercial refrigerator in good shape is to clear the drain lines two times a year. Mold and debris collects in the lines and can result in clogs. However, this job is complex and is best accomplished by a professional refrigeration technician to make sure the lines are completely clear.

Regular Cleaning of the Interior

You need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule of your commercial refrigerator. You can do so based on your own needs. One thing to remember, however, is to avoid using harsh chemicals. Soap and water is the best solution to use on your refrigerator. Simply clean more often rather than using a harsh cleaner less often.
If you see hard water stains in the refrigerator, a combination of vinegar and water and a soft cloth is the best tool. To clean mildew and mold, use one tablespoon of bleach with one quart of water and a scrub brush to remove.
As you clean, wipe away any puddles of water standing anywhere in the refrigerator. When water sits, it encourages mold and mildew growth. If the puddling water is consistent, schedule a maintenance check with your refrigeration technician to ensure no mechanical issues are causing the problem.

Twice Annual Door Gasket Cleaning

Finally, clean the door gaskets twice per year to keep them fully functional. Buildup gets into the gaskets and prevents the doors from closing as strongly as they should. Clean gaskets mean better energy use and a longer life for your commercial refrigerator.
To clean the door gaskets, use a soft cloth and some warm water and soap. Wipe the gaskets gently inside and out to remove any buildup. Once you clean the gaskets, apply an appropriate preservative to prolong the life of the vinyl and to ensure the gaskets last as long as possible.
A clean and maintained commercial refrigerator can last your business for years. The above steps will ensure the unit works at its highest potential.
In addition to regular maintenance, you also should have the refrigerator inspected regularly to make sure you did not miss any issues during your maintenances checks.
If you have any questions about your commercial refrigerator or need assistance with maintenance or repairs, please contact us at A M Refrigeration. We look forward to working with you.